XACTAI TM - Automatic Contact Tracing and Compliance Monitoring

XACTAI TM will help you reopen businesses quickly and safely by streamlining:

  • Implementing New SOPS at workplaces for Employee safety based on WHO and Local Health protocols.
  • Efficient monitoring of adherence to SOPs, non-adherence alerts.
  • Trace Contacts quickly to contain workplace spread.
  • Boost Morale and Productivity.


A Comprehensive Toolkit to manage the Pandemic

Businesses have to re-open and operate to survive and take steps for employees to feel safe to return to work. Workplaces have to implement health and safety protocols mandated by WHO and Public Health Departments and be compliant.


Every business where people interact is COVID-19 prone – corporate offices, Government offices, schools, colleges, hospitals...

Risk Ranking

XACTAI TM scientifically computes Risk Ranking (RR) of a contact by evaluating the conditions at the time of the contact-event. Contact-event is defined as the interaction between the Contact and the Carrier (COVID-19 +ve person).

  • RR of the contact is dependent on
    • VR (Vulnerability Rating) of the Contact
      • Time spent with the Carrier (COVID-19 +ve person).
      • Proximity to the Carrier, how close was the contact to the carrier.
      • Attributes of the shared space such as is it outdoors, indoors, is the place well ventilated.
      • Carriers are most infectious a day before the onset of symptoms. The more infectious the Carrier is at the time of the contact-event the higher the vulnerability of the contact.
    • IR (Infectiousness Ranking) of the Contact
      • Contacts can spread the infection by viral shedding about 2-7 days after the contact event. Infectious contacts are not only a risk to themselves but to others by spreading the disease.
  • Based on the Risk Ranking employers can prioritize whom to isolate and test immediately to prevent further spread instead of sending everyone home leading to a shutdown in the business. Similarly target areas where the carriers dwelled the most for deep cleaning versus sanitizing the entire office.