Making Returning to Work, Work for Everyone


  • Flexible Architecture - Works with Lanyard Tags, Two-way Wrist Beacons, BLE Sensors and WiFi sensors.
  • Cloud based monthly subscription model with minimal one time Capex.
  • Backed by Xinthe with a unique combination of expertise in IoT, Cloud Applications and Mapping Applications which is quite rare
  • Contact Risk Ranking is scientifically computed using epidemiology, AI and data science.



XACTAI TM Sensor Placement Plan

  • Upload floor plans from DWG/SHP/PDF Files.
  • Using the UI, divide the floor into zones and place one or more sensor in each zone.
  • Ensure that all zones are fully covered by the sensors.
  • Run simulator with randomly generated data and visualize live and contact tracing dashboards prior to implementation.
  • Derive hardware cost and software subscription cost.

Deploy & Distribute

Deploy XACTAI TM Bluetooth Beacons, Bluetooth Gateways and WiFi monitors as outlined in Virtual Floor Setup. These are compact, small in size, easy to use and can be easily deployed in your office within minutes.

Distribute BLE enabled lanyard tags and / or XACTAI TM mobile app to employees and visitors and make their use mandatory. XACTAI TM sensors will continuously log all people movements into our cloud platform.


Dashboards and Alerts

XACTAI TM Dashboards provide real time compliance monitoring of Social Distancing, overcrowding either visually on Dashboards or by text/ in App Alerts to safety enforcement personnel about non-adherence events and contact trace when necessary.

Covid Positive

Contact Tracing Dashboard

As employees go about doing their job, their movements and interactions are logged/recorded by the sensors.

When an employee turns COVID-19 positive, contact tracing dashboards in real-time provide employers all the contacts along with the risk ranking.

Employers get the benefit of pinpointing and isolating only high risk contacts as opposed to shutting the entire office down for a single confirmed case of Covid-19 to have business continuity.

Similarly employers can prioritize which places to deep clean and sanitize as opposed to sanitizing the entire office saving time and cost.

Employee Wellness Self Declaration App

Every employee has to fill in the self-declaration form in the app. The security guard will scan the Lanyard Tags when they come in and if the employee has declared any symptoms guard can advise them to go back home.


Security Guard App

The security guard scans the tags of all employees, checks and records temperature before letting them in. If the employee has declared any symptoms guard can ask them to go back home.

For visitors, the guard registers them by getting their name and phone number, and validates the phone number by sending an OTP. The guard then assigns them tags, notes down their temperature and lets them in.